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Historic Landmark Preservation Commission: Kennedy Rocker

Kennedy Rockers

President John F. Kennedy in Kennedy Rocker

Note cushions requested by Kennedy through North Carolina Governor Terry Sanford.

Kennedy in his rocker

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, with U.S. Air Force General Curtis LeMay and the U2 spy plane pilots who photographed Russian missiles in Cuba.

Kennedy meets with Nehru

Kennedy meets with Indian Prime MinisterJawaharlal Nehu in the Oval Office.

Kennedy Rocker with cushions

P & P Chair Company, maker of the Kennedy Rocker

At 532 Sunset Avenue in Asheboro; now demolished.

P & P Chair Company workers

P & P Chair company employees Frankie Baldwin, Charles McNeill and Melvin Keeling take a break sitting in their chairs in the shade.

Read the Cultural Heritage Object Designation Report

Read the Cultural Heritage Object Designation Resolution

The Kennedy Rocker, developed by P & P Chair Company of Asheboro, became Randolph County’s most iconic manufactured product. Discovered by a physician who was treating then-Senator John F. Kennedy for back pain, the oak rocking chair gained international renown when photographs of President Kennedy in the chair emerged from the White House. The presidential images brought both international recognition and dramatically-increased sales to P & P. The family-owned company continued to produce the chair into the late 2000s. Following the death of owner W.C. Page Jr. in 2008, the company and its signature product were sold to Troutman Chair, which continues outsourced production of the rocker. Today, Kennedy Rockers can be found in very many offices and private homes around Randolph County, and can be observed (and used!) in the Asheboro/Randolph County Public Library.