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Historic Landmark Preservation Commission: The Gatekeeper's House

Gatekeeper's House, front (south) view

Gatekeeper's House, front (south) view

Gatekeeper's House, west side

Gatekeeper's House, west side and north (rear)

Gatekeeper's House, north (rear) and east side

Gatekeeper's House, east side and south (front) view

Gatekeeper's House interior

Gatekeeper's House interior

Estate of Basil John Fisher in west Asheboro

The three English captains: Winn, Wainman and Fisher

Charles St. George Winn, C. Slingsby Wainman and Basil John Fisher.

Basil John Fisher

Read the Landmark Designation Report

Read the Landmark Designation Resolution

Captain Basil John Fisher, a native of Scotland, was one of three young British army officers who came to the United States in the mid 1880s to help manage a gold mine in Asheboro, N.C.  Fisher acquired a 384-acre estate which centered around Fisher’s Road, now known as Sunset Avenue.  The property included almost everything west of Park Street between Salisbury Street and Wainman Avenue.  Captain Fisher’s home was known as the “Mansion House” and stood on the vacant lot just west of the modern Masonic Temple.  His home was a two and one-half story structure at least twice the size of any other house in Asheboro.  Fisher had many service structures on the estate with the Gatekeeper’s House being the only surviving structure.  The Gatekeeper’s House, constructed in 1888, remained on the original property and served as a private residence for many years.  In the Spring of 1964 the house was in danger of being destroyed because of development on the property and was offered to The Asheboro Women’s Club, the Asheboro Junior Woman’s Club and the Business and Professional Woman’s Club.  The house was moved to the present location of 312 Lanier Avenue.  It is now owned by the Asheboro Woman’s Club and is used for various club meetings, weddings, receptions, teas and is notable for being the location of a political rally for former President Bill Clinton when he came to Asheboro campaigning for his wife, Hillary Clinton. 

Fisher moved from Asheboro in 1895 where he acquired a large estate in Greensboro, N.C.  His real estate dealings in Greensboro created the elegant turn-of-the-century “Fisher Park” neighborhood which is now a locally designated historic district.


To book the Gatekeeper's House for weddings, receptions and other events, contact City of Asheboro Cultural and Recreational Services, 336-626-1240.