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The Randolph Room: Randolph County Cemeteries

Randolph County Cemeteries

Use the map at right to geolocate and learn about Randolph County Cemeteries. Click on a dot to view information about the cemetery, including its address. You also can jump to the site on the Randolph County GIS or Find-A-Grave. You also can search by name and address. 

For the cemeteries located within the Randolph County boundary, the land owner and associated mailing address will be provided.  If you wish to visit a cemetery on private property, it is recommended that you contact the land owner to request permission (NCGS 65-101 & 102).

A blue dot indicates an unconfirmed cemetery location.  These cemeteries have been identified to the closest known location.  If you have further information on its exact location, please contact the Randolph County Library Randolph Room (336) 318-6815.


Randolph Room Information

This PDF document will show you the information we have about each cemetery.  The column titled cemetery books which are available in the Randolph Room and were produced by the Randolph County Genealogical Society.  The Column titled Cemetery collection is also available in the Randolph Room.  This collection has cemetery readings from different people at different times.  Some are as far back as the 1960's.  There is also a column for county, GPS & address.  This listing corresponds to the map above.  But there are also cemeteries listed that we could not find and they are not included on the map.