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Historic Landmark Preservation Commission: Trinity College Memorial Gazebo and Bell

Trinity College Memorial Gazebo

Trinity College bell, cast in 1879

Trinity College bell

Trinity College bell, detail

Trinity College bell on sledge after its removal to Durham

Auditorium of Trinity High School

Showing columns salvaged from the Trinity College building supporting balcony.

Trinity College, 1883

from the cover of Trinity Magazine, Vol. 1 No. 1, March 1883.

Trinity College, ca. 1890

Trinity College, 1861

Brantley York, Braxton Craven and John Franklin Crowell

Read the Trinity College Memorial Bell and Gazebo Cultural Heritage Site Nomination

Read the Trinity College Memorial Bell and Gazebo Cultural Heritage Site Resolution

The Trinity College Memorial Gazebo, located on the southwest corner of NC Highway 62 and Trinity College Road in Trinity, North Carolina, marks the site of Trinity College, a Methodist institution founded in 1859. The college was moved to Durham in 1892, and formed the core of what would become Duke University. In 1984, following a six-year fundraising effort, local organizers erected the gazebo and placed in it a bell donated by Duke that was used at Trinity College during its tenure in Randolph County. Supporting the roof of the gazebo are eight columns from the college chapel, and adorning the approach are two urns that marked the entrance to the college.

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