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Historic Landmark Preservation Commission: About the Commission

About the Landmark Commission

Read the Ordinance Creating the Landmark Commission

Read the Landmark Commission Bylaws and Rules of Procedure

The Randolph County Historic Landmark Preservation Commission is constituted under North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 160a, Article 19, Part 3C. The Commission acts as the landmark commission for the unincorporated areas of Randolph County as well as for municipalities under interlocal agreements.

The commission consists of nine members and one alternate member. Members include the county library director, who acts as administrator of the commission; one member appointed from each of the five county commissioner districts; three at-large members; and one at-large alternate member. 

The purposes of the commission are to safeguard the heritage of the county and participating municipalities by preserving any historic landmarks therein that embody important elements of its cultural, social, economic, political, archaeological or architectural history; to promote the use and conservation of landmarks for the education, pleasure, and enrichment of Randolph County and the State of North Carolina; to provide for designation of properties as landmarks on the basis of individual merit and special historical significance and integrity, pursuant to N.C. General Statutes 160A, Sections 400.5 and 400.6 (the designation of a landmark shall be effective through the adoption of an ordinance by the Randolph County Board of Commissioners or the governing board of the participating municipality); to adopt principles and guidelines for new construction, alterations, additions, and moving and demolition of designated historic landmarks; and to provide for the designation of Local Cultural Heritage Sites and Objects as provided in the Landmark Commission ordinance. 

 Commission Members

Representation Member
County Library Director Ross Holt
Commissioner District 1 Appointee Don Simmons
Commissioner District 2 Appointee Dan Warren
Commissioner District 3 Appointee Warren Dixon, Vice Chair
Commissioner District 4 Appointee Hal Pugh
Commissioner District 5 Appointee Lynne Qualls
At Large Member Chip Womick
At Large Member L. McKay Whatley, Jr., Chair
At Large Member Bill Ivey
Alternate Member Robyn Hankins