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Historic Landmark Preservation Commission: Trinity Cemetery

Trinity Cemetery, 1859

Trinity Cemetery aerial view

Trinity Cemetery east and west divisions

Trinity Cemetery first burial, 1959

Trinity College student John H. Gaylord, of Pitt County, N.C., died of pneumonia at age 20. 

Trinity Cemetery -- Braxton Craven family markers

Braxton Craven monument

Trinity Cemetery -- Markers of O.W. Carr, W.T. Gannaway, and Dougan C. Johnson

Carr and Gannaway were professors and college leaders; Johnson was the first graduate of Trinity College when it was a Normal School (teacher training institute), 1853.

Trinity Cemetery -- George Braxton Pegram marker

Pegram was chair of the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Physics at Columbia University, and played a critical role in the establishment of the Manhattan Project, which developed the atomic bomb.

Trinity Cemetery commemorative sign

Read the Trinity Cemetery Cultural Heritage Site Nomination

Read the Trinity Cemetery Cultural Heritage Site Resolution

The Trinity Cemetery on Rockford Drive in Trinity, North Carolina, was established in 1859 on property owned by prominent area resident Wiley W. Andrews (1825-1910). It became the resting place for many of the educators who shaped Trinity College into the institution that became Duke University, including college founder Braxton Craven (1822-1882), as well as many members of the Trinity community.

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