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Randleman Public Library: Big Topics for Little People

Big Topics for Little People


Death Is Stupid

This exploration of grief and mourning recognizes the anger and confusion that a child feels around death while offering possibilities for celebrating life and love.

The Tenth Good Thing about Barney

In an attempt to overcome his grief, a boy tries to think of the ten best things about his dead cat.

What Happens When a Loved One Dies?

Whether children are experiencing grief and loss for the first time or simply curious, it can be difficult to know how to talk to them about death. Using questions posed in a child's voice and answers that start simply and become more in-depth, this book allows adults to guide the conversation to a natural and reassuring conclusion.

Cry, Heart, but Never Break

Aware their grandmother is gravely ill, four siblings learn to realize the value of loss, life, and the importance of being able to say goodbye.

The Dead Bird

One day, the children find a bird lying on its side with its eyes closed and no heartbeat. They are very sorry, so they decide to say good-bye. In the park, they dig a hole for the bird and cover it with warm sweet-ferns and flowers. Finally, they sing sweet songs to send the little bird on its way.

Boats for Papa

Buckley and his Mama live in a cozy cabin by the ocean. He loves to carve boats, each one more beautiful than the last, and sends them out to sea. If they don't come back, he knows they've found their way to his papa, whom he misses very much.

Something Very Sad Happened

A tool for parents, caregivers, therapists, and teachers to help young children understand the concept of death and begin the process of coping with the loss.

Where Do They Go?

A beautiful and comforting meditation on death, asking questions young readers might have about what happens to those they love after they die.

The Rough Patch

Farmer Evan and his dog do everything together and, especially, in the garden but when his dog passes away Evan lets his garden fill with weeds until a pumpkin vine brings new hope.

Always Remember

When Old Turtle dies and is taken back by the sea, his friends remember that he was a wonderful teacher and friend who made his world a better place.

Big Cat, Little Cat

here was a cat who lived alone.Until the daya new cat came . . . And so a story of friendship begins, following two cats through their days, months, and years until one day, the older cat has to go. And he doesn't come back.This is a poignant story, told in measured text and bold black-and-white illustrations about life and the act of moving on.

The Rabbit Listened

The Rabbit Listened is about how to comfort and heal the people in your life, by taking the time to carefully, lovingly, gently listen.

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf

An inspiring allegory that illustrates the delicate balance between life and death.

Nana and Me and the Tree

A heartfelt story of grief and the journey to acceptance, seen through the eyes of a young child.

Missing Mommy

Honest and straightforward, this touching story explores the many emotions a bereaved child may experience, from anger and guilt to sadness and bewilderment.

God Gave Us Heaven

Little Cub's father explains to her that God created heaven, the most wonderful place, because He loves us and never wants to be far from us.

Ida, Always

A polar bear grieves over the loss of his companion, based on the real-life Gus and Ida of New York's Central Park Zoo.

The Next Place

An inspirational journey of light and hope to a place where earthly hurts are left behind.

The Invisible Leash

From the author of the modern classic ,The Invisible String, comes a tender story about permanent loss that also celebrates the joy that animals give us in this life and beyond.

The Invisible String

A very simple approach to overcoming the fear of loneliness or separation from parents, written with an imaginative flair that children can easily identify with and remember.

Tear Soup

Grandy has just suffered a big loss in her life, so she is cooking up a batch of "tear soup," in which the ingredients are parts of the grieving process, including memories, misgivings, feelings, and tears.

The Memory Box

Grieving over the death of a special person, a young child creates a memory box to keep mementos and written memories of the loved one.

Can You Hear Me, Daddy?

Although the events in the story are fictional, the emotions and feelings are very real in this story of a daughter's experience with the death of her father and the grief of her loss.

Bear and Bird

An old bear and a young bird become friends and spend several years together until the bear's death. The young bird is comforted by memories of time together.

Stones for Grandpa

A little boy and his family gather at the cemetery for the unveiling of his grandpa’s gravestone, bringing stones to place on the grave, in the Jewish custom. They tell stories that help the boy deal with his loss.


When the death of a relative, a friend, or a pet happens or is about to happen . . . how can we help a child to understand?. Lifetimes tells us about beginnings. And about endings. And about living in between. 

Benny with a Cowlick Gets Some Very Sad News

How do you explain the painful truths of death to a child? How can a young person grasp the finality of passing from this life to the next and still feel secure in the world around him? In Benny-With-a-Cowlick Gets Some Very Sad News, young and old are introduced to loveable little Benny, a five-year-old who suddenly loses both his daddy and grandfather in a summer tragedy. Benny learns that he'll always have his big blue eyes and fluffy cowlick to remember his daddy by. He also learns that the questions and feelings that pile up under his cowlick can be talked out with his mommy, who loves him very much.

A Walk in the Woods

Confused and distraught after the death of his father, a boy opens an envelope he left behind and is surprised to find a map of the woods beyond their house, with one spot marked in bright red. But why? The woods had been something they shared together, why would his father want him to go alone? Slowly, his mind settles as he sets off through the spaces he once explored with his dad, passing familiar beech and black oak trees, flitting Carolina wrens, and a garter snake they named Sal. When he reaches the spot marked on the map, he finds pages upon pages of drawings of woodland creatures, made by his father when he was his age. What he sees shows him a side of his dad he never knew, and something even deeper for them to share together. His dad knew what he really needed was a walk in the woods.


Life Without Nico

Maia and Nico are best friends. They never get tired of playing together. Unexpectedly, though, Nico and his family have to move far away for a while. Maia is devastated. 

While We Can't Hug

Hedgehog and Tortoise were the best of friends. They wanted to give each other a great, big hug. But they weren't allowed to touch. "Don't worry," said Owl. "There are lots of ways to show someone you love them." 

Outside, Inside

A book that describes the impact of COVID-19 on communities and why some essential workers could not quarantine.

The Day You Begin

Other students laugh when Rigoberto, an immigrant from Venezuela, introduces himself but later, he meets Angelina and discovers that he is not the only one who feels like an outsider.

It Will Be Okay

Little Seed and Little Fox are facing changes and brand new circumstances and they don't like it one bit.

The Goodbye Book

Illustrations and brief text relate how a person might feel when they lose someone they love.

Little Tree

Little Tree is very happy in the forest, where he is surrounded by other little trees and his leaves keep him cool in the heat of summer, but when autumn comes and the other trees drop their leaves, Little Tree cannot be pursuaded to let his go, even after they wither and turn brown.

Out of Nowhere

This charming and timeless tale of a beetle searching for a missing friend gently shows that true friendship endures through even the biggest of changes.

More Than Fluff

Daisy the chick is cute, fluffy, soft, and tired of others hugging and petting her, so her mother suggests she tell them what she would prefer, such as a wing bump or a pinkie shake.


A metaphorical journey about having courage and taking risks, weathering the tides and storms of life's challenges, and discovering new possibilities for one's future

Henry at Home

The love between a brother and sister shines through in this reassuring picture book about a common childhood transition--an older sibling starting school and leaving the younger one behind.

New Baby

Lola Reads to Leo

Lola reads story books to her new baby brother Leo, and even though Mommy and Daddy are busy, they still have time to read to Lola at bedtime.

Peter's Chair

When Peter discovers his blue furniture is being painted pink for a new baby sister, he rescues the last unpainted item, a chair, and runs away.

One Special Day

An energetic and imaginative boy becomes a big brother.

I'm a Big Sister

A sister enumerates the joys of welcoming a new baby to the family and the advantages of already being "big."

I'm a Big Brother

A child eagerly welcomes home his new baby brother.

God Gave Us Two

Little Cub has questions about the new baby that Mama is expecting, but she learns that babies are gifts from God.

Little Dragon and the New Baby

Little Dragon is about to be a big brother....A great way for parents to help their children get use to the idea of having a baby brother or sister.

Nine Months

As a baby grows in her mother's tummy, a soon-to-be big sister and her family spend nine months preparing for the newest member of the family to arrive.

Big Brothers Are the Best

Becoming a big brother is an exciting time full of smiles, smells, hugs, and kisses. This is the perfect book for transitioning a toddler into siblinghood. It helps young ones prepare for a new baby and also focuses on all of the things a big brother can do that a baby can't do.

Big Sisters Are the Best

Becoming a big sister is an exciting time full of smiles, smells, hugs, and kisses.


Wonderful You

Adoptive parents promise to fill their new baby girl's life with love, security, and adventure.

A Mother for Choco

A lonely little bird named Choco goes in search of a mother.

Dragon's Extraordinary Egg

A dragon finds an abandoned egg and lovingly raises the hatchling as her own.

I Don't Have Your Eyes

Family connections are vitally important to children as they begin to find their place in the world. For transracial and transcultural adoptees, domestic adoptees, and for children in foster care or kinship placements, celebrating the differences within their families as well as the similarities that connect them, is the foundation for belonging.

I Love You Like Crazy Cakes

The story, told as a mother talking to her adopted daughter, describes the adoption, skipping over the legal aspects and heading straight for the mother-child bonding that follows. Actress Mia Farrow narrates the CD in a gentle, measured tone that perfectly meshes with the text.

Forever Fingerprints

Lucie's aunt and uncle are having a baby which makes Lucie wonder about her birth mother and what it was like before she was born.

Star of the Week

It's Cassidy--Li's turn to be Star of the Week at school! So she's making brownies and collecting photos for her poster. She has pictures of all the important people in her life--with one big exception. Cassidy--Li, adopted from China when she was a baby, doesn't have a photo of her birthparents. But with a little help from her family, she comes up with the perfect way to include them!

God Found Us You

When Little Fox asks his mother to tell his favorite story, Mama Fox recounts the day he arrived in her life, from God to her arms.

Tell Me Again about the Night I Was Born

A young girl asks her parents to tell her again the cherished family story of her birth and adoption.

I Wished for You

A mama bear and her little boy bear talk about how they became a family because of the mother's wish.

And That's Why She's My Mama

A mama is someone who is always there for you.  Some mamas didn't hold you in their belly, but they will forever hold you in their hearts. 

A Most Unusual Day

Caroline is anxious all day at school, nervous about her newly-adopted sister's arrival from far away.

Just Right Family

Meili, who is six years old and adopted from China, learns that her parents are going to adopt a baby from Haiti. She's not happy. Why do they need a new baby?

Kids Need to Be Safe

In simple words and full-color illustrations, this book explains why some kids move to foster homes, what foster parents do, and ways kids might feel during foster care. 

Foster Care

Foster meets new friends and a kind foster mom who help him navigate the fears and feelings associated with going into foster care.

A Different Home

A sensitive picture book to help ease the anxieties of foster children aged 4 to 10 entering placement. In A Different Home, Jessie tells us her story of being placed in foster care. 

Families Change

All families change over time. Sometimes a baby is born, or a grown-up gets married. And sometimes a child gets a new foster parent or a new adopted mom or dad. Children need to know that when this happens, it's not their fault. 

The Mulberry Bird

In this classic adoption picture book for older children, common issues in adoption are addressed--from the enduring force of a birth parent's love and contact post-adoption to the importance of nurturing an adopted child in his or her new environment. 

Murphy's Three Homes

Follow this adorable pup through his placement in three new homes, as well as his anxiety, self-doubt, and hope for a new, loving family. 

Gotcha Day

A very special day is coming up-only Suzie isn't sure which one...With just a few more clues, Suzie figures it out: it's her Gotcha Day! That's the day her family celebrates the date they became a family!


It's Hard to Be Five

A child finds that learning to have self control is hard, but it can also be fun.

A New Day

After Sunday quits being a day of the week, the other days of the week try out all sorts of candidates, until an act of kindness reminds them all that a little appreciation can go a long way

The Way I Act

The friendly verses and bold illustrations convey many positive ideas of how to act in a variety of situations.

You Get What You Get

Melvin throws fit after fit when he doesn't get what he wants. He must learn how to deal with disappointment. After all, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. This important life lesson is illustrated beautifully in this relatable storyline.

The Unbudgeable Curmudgeon

Have you ever seen a curmudgeon that looks like your brother, but is in such a bad mood you hardly recognize him?

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

Explores all the things that superheroes could do if they are having a bad day and what they actually do.

My Mixed Emotions

: Feelings can be complicated, and learning to express them is a skill that must be developed. My Mixed Emotions is here to coach children through a variety of emotions and situations.

Interrupting Chicken

Little Red Chicken wants Papa to read her a bedtime story, but interrupts him almost as soon as he begins each tale.

Ellie Bean the Drama Queen

Ellie Bean's "dramatic" behaviors--including her sensitivity to noise and displeasure over simple activities--lead her mother to bring Ellie to a specialist, who determines Ellie has sensory issues and teaches her family how to care for them.

When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry

A young girl is upset and doesn't know how to manage her anger but takes the time to cool off and regain her composure.

How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad?

Anger can be difficult to talk about with your child, but even when little dinosaurs are furious, it's important to help them handle their feelings and remind them they are always loved.

My Mouth Is a Volcano!

My Mouth Is A Volcano takes an empathetic approach to the habit of interrupting and teaches children a witty technique to capture their rambunctious thoughts and words for expression at an appropriate time.

I Can't Believe You Said That!

Banish rude and insensitive comments at home and school by teaching kids in grades K-6 how to use a social filter. 

Mean Soup

Horace feels really mean at the end of a bad day, until he helps his mother make Mean Soup.

It's Hard to Be a Verb!

Louis is a verb! He has a lot of trouble focusing and he is always doing something, but the problem is usually it's the wrong something. Louis's mom teaches him how to focus by showing him a few hands on ideas that anyone can try.

All About Feelings

This fun, friendly and reassuring introduction is designed to help young children recognize, understand and name different feelings and learn to talk about and manage them in helpful ways.

What If Everybody Did That?

A child learns that there are consequences for thoughtless behavior, from feeding popcorn to a bear at the zoo to dropping an empty can out of a car window.

Decibella and Her 6-Inch Voice

Isabella loves using her loud voice so much, it's earned her the nickname "Decibella!" Young readers will be entertained as they see how Isabella learns the "five volumes" of voice and discovers that different situations require a different tone.

Listening to My Body

This engaging and interactive book guides children through the practice of naming their feelings and the physical sensations that accompany them.

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns It's OK to Back Away

LISTEN BETTER to your body to help calm down, back away and get in less trouble. 

Breathe Like a Bear

Breathe Like a Bear is a beautifully illustrated collection of 30 simple, short breathing practices and movements designed to teach kids techniques for managing their bodies, breath, and emotions. 

B Is for Breathe

From the letter A to the letter Z, B is for Breathe celebrates the many ways children can express their feelings and develop coping skills at an early age. 

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen

Want to listen better? It will help you stay safe, in less trouble and learn more.



My Many Colored Days

This rhyming story describes each day in terms of a particular color which in turn is associated with specific emotions.

My Monster and Me

From the winner of The Great British Baking Show and star of Nadiya's Time to Eat comes a heartfelt story to help give children and parents the tools they need to talk about worries and anxiety.

Big Feelings

A group of kids express a multitude of feelings and discover they are not alone

Too Shy for Show-and-Tell

Sam is a quiet little boy who hates show-and-tell. Just thinking about it makes his stomach hurt. Sam must find a way to conquer his fear and make the most of his turn at show-and-tell.

I'm Worried

Potato is worried about what might happen in the future, causing Flamingo to worry, too, but their friend, a little girl, encourages them to focus on enjoying the present, instead.

I'm Sad

Flamingo learns that it is okay to be sad sometimes and that her friends, the little girl and Potato, will stand by her no matter how she feels.

Ruby Finds a Worry

A young girl's sense of adventure and exploration vanishes when she discovers a Worry that grows and grows until she learns how to get rid of it.

Orion and the Dark

Fearing the dark more than anything, little Orion is approached by a friendly Dark, who takes him on an wondrous, fear-conquering adventure.

The Color Monster

Emotions, including happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and calm, are described through the actions of a monster sorting them out.

How Do You Feel?

Do you feel happy? Sad? Silly? Angry? This books helps children and parents talk about feelings!

Grumpy Monkey

Jim Panzee wakes up in a bad mood one beautiful day, but he keeps denying he is grumpy even as his friends give advice for feeling better.

I Am the Storm

n the face of our shifting climate, young children everywhere are finding themselves subject to unfamiliar and often frightening extreme weather. Beloved author Jane Yolen and her daughter Heidi Stemple address four distinct weather emergencies (a tornado, a blizzard, a forest fire, and a hurricane) with warm family stories of finding the joy in preparedness and resilience.

Tiger Days

Some days I feel so WILD and BRAVE and some days I feel small. THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO BE when you're as BIG inside as me

Angry Cookie

Cookie has woken up on the wrong side of the bed and is very angry. You want to know why? Well, you'd have to keep reading to find out.

A Little Book about Feelings

A Little Book About Feelings combines beautiful color photos of enchanting, hand-made felt characters with empowering messages based in emotional literacy.

The Way I Feel

Illustrations and rhyming text portray children experiencing a range of emotions, including frustration, shyness, jealousy, and pride.

When I'm Feeling Happy

Feeling happy can make you feel bouncy and full of joy! How can a parent help their child feel happy? 

Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day

A child's emotions range from silliness to anger to excitement, coloring and changing each day.

I Used to Be Afraid

A novelty picture book exploring the many forms fear can take and the importance of overcoming it.

There Might Be Lobsters

A little dog's paralyzing anxiety gives way to bravery when someone smaller arrives in need during a whooshy, splashy, overwhelming day at the beach.

Go to Sleep, Monster!

It's time to go to sleep, but George is afraid to turn off the lights. His sister, Anna, however, marches boldly into his room. George can't go to sleep, he says, because there's a monster under the bed, and indeed there is: a tiny purple guy who can't sleep either.

Jack's Worry

A touching and reassuring story about the jitters associated with first experiences -- and the satisfaction that comes with conquering your fears.


Toby is afraid of heights, but when his cat gets stuck in a tree, Toby must face his fears in order to rescue him

Grumpy Bird

Feeling too grumpy to fly, Bird begins to walk and finds that his mood changes as other animals join him.

When I'm Feeling Kind

Helping people, listening to your friends, feeling good about yourself -- feeling kind is all of these things and more. 

There Are No Animals in This Book (Only Feelings)

In these images by contemporary artists, children will recognize love, surprise, hurt, and other powerful feelings. 

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

Meet Beatrice Bottomwell: a nine-year-old girl who has never (not once!) made a mistake. Life for Beatrice is sailing along pretty smoothly until she does the unthinkable--she makes her first mistake. 

The Boy with Big, Big Feelings

Meet a boy with feelings so big that they glow from his cheeks, spill out of his eyes, and jump up and down on his chest.  The boy tries to cope by stuffing down his feelings, but with a little help, the boy realizes his feelings are something to be celebrated.

When I'm Feeling Jealous

Feeling jealous can make you feel like you are not as important as others . . . but you are! What do you do when your child feels jealous?

When I'm Feeling Sad

Feeling sad can make you feel like you could just cry and hide under the bed covers. What do you do when your child feels sad?

When I'm Feeling Scared

It’s easy for anyone to be scared of some things, like the dark or dangerous animals! But lots of other things aren’t really as scary as they seem.

Somewhere, Right Now

"When Alma is scared during a storm, her mother teaches her that when she's scared, it helps her to imagine that somewhere out in the world, something beautiful is happening in nature. Alma then spreads this message to her brother, who spreads it to their father"-- Provided by publisher.


Madeline Says Merci

With help from her friends-Miss Clavel, the girls, and even Pepito-Madeline introduces basic ideas such as please and thank you, sharing, cleaning up, and so much more.

Please, Mr. Panda

What is the proper way to ask Mr. Panda for doughnuts? Patiently and politely, 

The Bad Seed

How bad is this seed? Do you really want to know? He has a bad temper, bad manners, and a bad attitude. He's been bad since he can remember!

Time to Say Please !

Groups of ebullient mice narrate this humorous text as young children try in vain to get what they want, learning along the way that it is helpful to say "Please," "Thank you," "Excuse me," and "I'm sorry."


Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons is a new kind of dictionary, one that defines mysteries such as "fair" and "unfair" and what it means to "cooperate." At every turn this book is clever, honest, inspirational, and whimsical.

Mind Your Manners, B. B. Wolf

When B.B. Wolf, who now lives in the Villain Villa Retirement Residence, is invited to the library for a storybook tea, he is careful to follow the advice of his crocodile friend and impresses everyone with how polite he can be.

Emily's Everyday Manners

Join Emily and her best friend, Ethan, as they show you that good manners aren't just for special occasions; they are for every day.

Fancy Nancy: Tea Parties

In her own inimitable style, the girl who loves to use fancy words provides tips on how to host the perfect tea party, describing how to behave, food and drinks to serve, games to play, and much more.

The Berenstain Bears Say Please and Thank You

Sister, Brother, and Honey Bear practice using their very best manners in many different situations.

Do unto Otters

Mr. Rabbit wonders if he will be able to get along with his new neighbors, who are otters, until he is reminded of the golden rule.

Potty Training

Potty Superhero

Every little superhero needs to use the potty - he just needs to know where to go! Help your own little superhero explore the idea of using a potty as he makes the potty training journey toward wearing big boy pants.

A Potty for Me!

Children will love following along and lifting the flaps to see the child play, sit on thepotty, eat, sit on the potty, sleep, and then sit on the potty...until finally there is success.

Big Boys Use the Potty!

Now your child can be potty perfect with this step-by-step guide to using the potty with pride! With lots of helpful, friendly advice, soon your toddler will be able to say, "Bye-bye, diapers!"

Once upon a Potty - Boy

This classic book on potty training has helped parents everywhere deal successfully with an often vexing challenge for the whole family.

Once upon a Potty - - Girl

This classic book on potty training has helped parents everywhere deal successfully with an often vexing challenge for the whole family.

Everyone Poops

Since we all eat, we all must poop. This modern-day toddler classic presents information that children both want and need in a refreshingly honest, informative, and age-appropriate way.

Let's Go to the Potty!

A fun introduction to potty training and building toddlers' confidence using the potty. 

The Potty Train

The Potty Train is coming! All aboard! Time to say good-bye to diapers and take the journey to Underpants Station.

It Hurts When I Poop!

Ryan is scared to use the potty. He's afraid to have a poop because he's afraid it's going to hurt. When Ryan's parents take him to visit Dr. Gold,  shows him what happens inside the body, and explains how different foods make using the potty easy or hard. 

Big Girl Panties

Features a light, positive approach to motivate toddlers to become toilet trained. What could be more rewarding for a little girl than wearing big girl panties, just like mommy?"

Time to Pee!

Sign-carrying mice give encouraging instructions for using the toilet.

What to Expect When You Use the Potty

What to Expect When You Use the Potty will help you provide straightforward and reassuring answers to your child's questions about the process of toileting.


There comes a point in a toddler's life when going in one's diaper is only one possible option, and the question must be raised: Should I go in my potty?


I Am Enough

This gorgeous, lyrical ode to loving who you are, respecting others, and being kind to one another comes from Empire actor and activist Grace Byers and talented newcomer artist Keturah A. Bobo. We are all here for a purpose. We are more than enough. We just need to believe it.

My America

In this beautiful celebration of immigration, children from around the world tell their stories, sharing their love of where they're from and where they live now--homes old and new. As they describe the foods they eat, the languages they've learned, the sports they play, and more, the differences and similarities that link us all are revealed.

This Is My House

A look at different dwellings from around the world takes young readers on a tour of houses from such faraway places as China, Egypt, Israel, Japan, and other countries and teaches readers to say "house" in fifteen languages.

Mama Panya's Pancakes

Mama Panya is alarmed at the market when her son Adika invites all of their friends to come over for pancakes. However will she feed them all? This clever and heart-warming story about village life teaches children the benefits of sharing as well as introducing simple Swahili phrases.

We All Have Different Abilities

What can you do? Tie your shoes? Play piano? Everyone has different talents and abilities. Let's share and celebrate our many talents!

More More More, Said the Baby

Three babies are caught up in the air and given loving attention by a father, grandmother, and mother.

Pink Is for Boys

A celebration of how colors are for everyone depicts characters engaging in their favorite activities.

Whoever You Are

Despite the differences between people around the world, there are similarities that join us together, such as pain, joy, and love.

The Skin You Live In

Rhyming verse describes the diversity of skin color, promotes self-esteem, and explores how children can be both unique and similar at the same time.


Spoon's always been a happy little utensil. But lately, he feels like life as a spoon just isn't cutting it. He thinks Fork, Knife, and The Chopsticks all have it so much better than him.

Mixed Me!

Mom and Dad say I'm a blend of dark and light: "We mixed you perfectly, and got you just right."

All My Stripes

Zane rushes home to tell his mother about problems he faced during his school day, and she reminds him that while others may only see his "autism stripe," he has stripes for honesty, caring, and much more.

We're Different, We're the Same (Sesame Street)

Who better than Elmo and his Sesame Street friends to teach us that though we may all look different on the outside--deep down, we are all very much alike?

Same, Same but Different

Pen pals Elliot and Kailash discover that even though they live in different countries--America and India--they both love to climb trees, have pets, and ride a school bus.

The Colors of Us

Seven-year-old Lena and her mother observe the variations in the color of their friends' skin, viewed in terms of foods and things found in nature.

Happy in Our Skin

Is there anything more splendid than a baby's skin? For families of all stripes comes a sweet celebration of what makes us unique--and what holds us together.

Your Name Is a Song

Frustrated by a day full of teachers and classmates mispronouncing her beautiful name, a little girl tells her mother she never wants to come back to school. In response, the girl's mother teaches her about the musicality of African, Asian, Black-American, Latinx, and Middle Eastern names on their lyrical walk home through the city.

Say Hello!

Carmelita loves to greet everyone in her neighbourhood. There are people from so many different cultures! They all like to say hello too, so now Carmelita can say hello in Spanish, English, French, Japanese and many other languages.

The Pirate of Kindergarten

Ginny sees double chairs at reading circle and double words in her books. She knows that only half of what she sees is real, but which half? The solution to her problem is wondrously simple: an eye patch! Ginny becomes the pirate of kindergarten and can read, run, and even snip her scissors with double the speed! 

Skin Like Mine

A fun, easy-to-read for beginners as well as advanced readers. An entertaining yet creative way to address and celebrate diversity among young children. Guaranteed to make you smile and a bit hungry.

Some Kids Are Blind

Some people are blind. Using simple, engaging text and full-color photos, readers learn what blindness is, how it can be caused, and what daily life is like for someone who can't see.

Some Kids Are Deaf

Some people are deaf. Using simple, engaging text and full-color photos, readers learn what deafness is, how it can be caused, and what daily life is like for someone who can't hear.

We'll Paint the Octopus Red

As six-year-old Emma anticipates the birth of her new baby brother or sister, she vividly imagines all of the things they can do together. Then when the baby is born, her dad tells her that it's a boy named Isaac, and he has something called Down syndrome. 

Good People Everywhere

A colorful picture book that will warm the hearts of children and adults alike, each of its pages contain endearing examples and vibrant illustrations to inspire children to grow into grateful, caring, and giving people. 

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