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What is Email? 

Electronic mail, commonly shortened to “email,” is a communication method that uses electronic devices to deliver messages across computer networks. "Email" refers to both the delivery system and individual messages that are sent and received.

An email address is required for messages to be sent and received. Email addresses are formatted in three parts: a username, an “@” symbol, and your provider that is supplying you with an email address (e.g. For example:

This contains the three necessary components to make an email address. The username librarypatrons the @ symbol, and the provider of the email address

The videos below will help explain the basics about of how to use email in your life.

Creating an Email Account

Learn how to create a simple email account for yourself.

Looking for an Email? Search for it.

Learn how you can search your mail boxes.

How to Compose an Email

Learn about the basic parts of an email message.

Mailboxes: Inbox, Sent, Trash

what each box is and why it's important


What Are Attachments?

Learn how attachments are used. How to send them, how to tell if you have received one, and downloading the file.

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