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Outreach & Extension: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Extension FAQs

 Who can be an Extension Services patron?

The Randolph County Public Library provides service free of charge to county residents who are unable to visit the library on their own due to age, extended illness, or physical condition. 

Materials are pre-selected by the Extension Services staff who will work with patrons to develop a reading profile.  Specific topics or items can be requested in advance.

The Extension Services Department provides monthly story times to Head Start and Early Childhood Development Center classrooms and also to childcare centers throughout the county.  The department also delivers books each month to those preschool classrooms, and teachers are encouraged to use the books in their own story times and to teach the children how to handle books carefully.  Preschool teachers can request themed books in advance for use in their classrooms.


When and where does the Extension Services van stop?

Extension Services are scheduled on a once-a-month basis.  There are no evening or weekend stops. 

The service delivers ten months of the year, excluding May and December.

If weather poses a threat to the safety of the van/staff, then deliveries will be rescheduled.

Deliveries will be made to an individual’s home or to an institution where the following guidelines are met:

·         Access to the stop is not dangerous; there is sufficient area to pull off the road, no extremely steep driveways, etc.  (Randolph County Public Library assumes no responsibility for damage to trees, shrubs, or bushes that obstruct the movement of the van.

·         There are no unrestrained animals that pose a threat to the safety of the Extension Services staff.

·         Patron conduct is acceptable, i.e., no foul language, no harassing of Extension Services staff, etc.


What if I’m not at home when the van comes?

If you are unable to be at home when the delivery is scheduled, you must notify the library in advance.  If a patron is not at home three times in a row and no effort has been made to inform the Extension Services staff, the patron will be dropped from the schedule.

If prior arrangements are made, the Extension Services staff will be glad to leave materials if

·         Materials to be returned are left where the staff can easily get to them

·         The container provided by the Extension Services staff can be placed where materials left for the patron will be secure from theft and/or bad weather.


What types of materials are available for delivery?

·         Books in regular or large print

·         Books on CD

·         Music on CD

·         Movies on DVD

·         Magazines

You may request specific items or material may be selected from your reader’s profile.


Can I renew materials?

Yes, renewals are permitted for two months provided no one else has requested the same materials.


What about overdue items?

Patrons are responsible for returning in good condition all items borrowed from the Extension Services Department.

Patrons are not charged any fines for items that are overdue.  However, if an item is not returned after three months, the replacement cost of the item will be charged to the patron.

If a patron finds an item that was lost and paid for, he or she can get a refund from the library if the item is returned to the Extension Services Department or to the library’s Circulation Desk.

If an item is returned damaged to the Extension Services Department, the staff will make a determination of the extent of the damage and the patron will be billed accordingly.

For patrons in institutions, payment for lost or damaged items will be the responsibility of the person in charge of that institution.


For questions about the Extension Services Department or this policy, call 318-6816.