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Randolph County Public Library Facilities

Randolph County Public Library Facilities

The Asheboro, Archdale, Liberty, Ramseur, and Seagrove libraries have meeting facilities available for public use without charge. The facilities are open to public, as well as private or business groups.

Certain restrictions apply and reservations should be made in  advance. Please read the Meeting Room Policy below before requesting a reservation. 


To reserve a room, contact the appropriate library.

Asheboro (336) 318-6800 (Please call for more information about our Meeting Rooms/Conference.)

Archdale (336) 431-3811
To reserve space at the Archdale Public Library, you may fill out the Online Meeting Room Application*.
*Online application not formatted for mobile devices.

Liberty (336) 622-4605
To reserve space at the Liberty Public Library, you may fill out the Online Meeting Room Application*.
*Online application not formatted for mobile devices.

Ramseur (336) 824-2232 (Meeting Rooms/Conference unavailable at this time.)

Seagrove (336) 873-7521
To reserve space at the Seagrove Public Library, you may fill out the Online Meeting Room Application*.
*Online application not formatted for mobile devices.


Printable Meeting Room Application Form. Can be faxed to (336) 747-3225.

*Online application not formatted for mobile devices.

Randolph County Public Library Meeting Room Policy

As part of its commitment to the community, the library provides meeting facilities for community groups, organizations, agencies, and businesses, subject to the following guidelines. Problems or complaints shall be submitted in writing to the Director of the library.

  1. The library, its affiliated groups (Friends, Foundation, etc.) and its partners have first priority for use of all meeting facilities, except when otherwise required by law (such as elections).
  2. You have to be 18 years old or older to reserve a room for your group.
  3. You may reserve an individual room for up to three bookings at one time.
  4. Permission to use a room does not indicate an endorsement by the library of your group’s views.
  5. You may not use the name/address of the library as the official address of your group.
  6. You cannot use the meeting facilities for:

• Any activity likely to disrupt library functions, or any unlawful activity.
• Worship services and ceremonies, and religious instruction; religious groups can meet for organizational, committee, planning, etc., purposes.
• Political rallies, campaign events or fundraisers; political groups can meet for organizational, committee, planning, etc., purposes, and per NCGS 163-99 for precinct meetings and county/district conventions).
• Commercial purposes, including: sale of products/services; promotion of products/services for sale at a later time; and solicitation of business opportunities for the presenter or presenting entity. (However, authors, artists, performers, and other presenters participating in events sponsored by the library or by library affiliated groups may sell their literary, musical or artistic work during the event);
• Fundraising, except for library-affiliated groups.
• Individual/group social events (parties, showers, etc.)

  7. You can’t charge admission, but your organization can collect dues and charge fees to recoup the cost of your meeting (food, learning supplies, etc.).
  8. Unless you’re using a room with outside access available, you may use the room during library hours only. You may not enter the library prior to opening time, and must be out by 15 minutes before closing.
  9. You must set up, take down and store, in the manner and storage space provided, any furniture you use.
10. You must clean the room as necessary following your event; spills/stains must be reported to library staff.
11. You can bring in non-alcoholic beverages and use a coffee maker. You can bring in previously-prepared food, but you cannot use hot plates, warming tray, microwaves, etc. (in the Asheboro conference room, only covered, non-alcoholic drinks are permitted).
12. You must include the wording “This event is not sponsored by the Randolph County Public Library” in all publicity, and you must not publicize the event until your booking has been confirmed by the library.
13. In the library, you can display an easel-sized poster to announce your meeting on the day of the event only.
14. The library’s Disruptive Behavior Policy applies to your group’s use of the facilities.
15. Failure to follow this policy may result in your group’s requests being denied in the future.