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50th Anniversary Celebration

Check out our Seed Library!

New seeds added seasonally. Check out, grow, harvest, let grow some more, and return the seeds. 

For more information call the Seagrove Library.

What is a seed library?  The Seed Library is a seed lending and swapping program to cultivate community and give folks the tools and knowledge they need to grow, save, and  share food for years to come. 

How the heck do you borrow seeds? Check seeds out, grow them, harvest the produce, save seeds at the end of the season, and 'return' your saved seeds. There are no fees or fines as the seeds are not checked out on your account. Look for programs throughout the year related to saving, growing, harvesting, and sharing seeds. 

When do I harvest seeds? And how? This varies from plant to plant, but is usually pretty simple. We’ve included information on when and how to harvest seeds on each seed packet. 

Do I need to wash seeds? Generally, not. You’ll want to clean the bulk of the flesh off, but a little is fine. It is absolutely essential that you let them dry completely, though. Lay the unwashed seeds out on paper and let them dry for two weeks.

How should I store seeds? Once completely dry, wrap seeds in paper or put in an envelope. Label it. Store it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place like a closet. You can even add some rice to the storage container to ensure seeds stay dry and mildew free.

How do I ‘return’ seeds? Bring your seeds to the library in an envelope, paper bag, or just wrapped with paper. Write your name and telephone number/email on the outside.  We’ll  follow up with some questions.

What happens if I don’t have any  seeds to return?  Sometimes, even with the best efforts, plants fail. Try again next year.  You might want to keep a journal to track your successes and challenges.

Can I share seeds from my garden? Yes! Any seeds can be added to the seed library as long as they are open-pollinated. 

We Want Your Seeds!  Do you have a flower that has been passed down through generations? A tomato that you love? We’d love to have your seeds and your stories!

Tuesday - Friday 10-6

Saturday 11-3

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Check out programs for all ages. 

530 Old Plank Road
Seagrove, NC 27341