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Mission Statement: Home

Randolph County Public Library's Mission



Randolph County Public Libraries cultivate a thriving community by nurturing readers, empowering learners, and creating connections.



Libraries are a point of pride and connection for all residents of Randolph County, serving as vibrant centers of community, anticipating evolving needs and interests, and providing relevant materials and transformative experiences.



Service - We serve with heart and provide friendly, helpful faces and welcoming, accessible spaces. We are positive and responsive, compassionate and kind, and greet everyone with a smile.

Teamwork - We work together in order to better serve our community. We are flexible, adaptable, and respectful of our coworkers and community members.

Inclusion - We embrace people from all walks of life and provide a safe, judgement-free place for all. We remove barriers to access, value diverse perspectives, and welcome traditionally marginalized voices.

Curiosity - We are open to new ideas, especially when they challenge our own beliefs and assumptions. We believe that the library and the community thrive when minds are inquiring and hearts are open.

Stewardship - We are co-owners of community assets and caretakers of public resources. We engage the community in decision-making and promote trust, transparency, and accountability in all we do.



  • Collect and circulate materials for enlightenment and recreation
  • Provide reliable information and research resources
  • Support educational success and lifelong learning
  • Offer programs for individual and community enrichment
  • Provide a place for everyone